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Tenant FAQ

Tenant's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

·         Do you do background/credit checks?

Yes. The non-refundable fee is $45 in the form of a money order or paid through EasyPay online with a credit card.

·         Who do I make payments to?

KGC Properties LLC.

·         What types of payment do you accept for rent?

AZ Resident Checks,  money order, ACH payment.

·         Where do I send/mail the rent?

PO Box 18621  Tucson  AZ  85731

Make checks payable to: KGC Properties LLC.

·         When is rent due?

On the 1st day of the month.  

·         Can I smoke in the house or garage?


·         What is the pet policy?

Approved pets only.

·         How long is the lease?

                      For most homes, one year minimum. 

·         Can I make payments on the security deposits?


·         Are any utilities included in the rent?

No - not unless otherwise noted.

·         How are maintenance requests handled?

Put the request in writing through email or tenant portal and submit it to us.  Email: .  For emergencies - CALL!

·         Can we make repairs?


·         Can we make our own improvements?


·         Can we paint?


·         Do I have to pay for repairs?

If you caused it - yes.  We will repair it - you will pay for it. 

·          Do I have to maintain the lawn and yard?

Yes, if  reduced rent is provided by owner to you for maintaining the yard.  Contact us for more details.

·         Am I responsible for watering and landscaping?

Yes, if reduced rent is provided by owner to you to water and maintain landscape. Contact us for additional details.

·         My home has a pool am I responsible for taking care of it?

Contact us for more details regarding pool care.

·         Do I need renters Insurance?

It is asked for and recommended that you secure renters insurance for your own protection.

·         Where can I get a rental application? 

Simply email - type "Rental Application Request" in subject line and one will be sent. We can also mail or fax one provided you email or call us with your information.   OR ...
Click on the "properties" tab, select the property you wish to apply for, and within the information, you will be able to select to "apply and pay application fee online".  This is a safe and secure system.

·         You didn't answer all my questions!

                               Email us  or call (520) 245.0242


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